Featured: Laced Hair in Byrdie

Featured: Laced Hair in Byrdie

Feb 24, 2020

Laced Hair was featured in Byrdie's article, "6 of the Best Clip-In Extensions that will give you Pinterest Hair." We couldn't agree more that Laced Hair Extensions can give anyone beautiful dream hair!

Below is what Byrdie said about Laced Hair, 

"Laced Hair has the biggest selection of different lengths, as well as a wide range of blondes," Molina says. "Their website is super informative when it comes to hair care and education, plus the company is also women-owned and -operated."

Byrdie quotes, "Clip-in hair extensions are a fun little trick hairstylists use to add body, texture, and length to their clients' hair. Think of your favorite celebrity red carpet look and chances are there are some secret extensions in there."

Sabrina Carpenter is one out of the many celebrities who love Laced Hair Extensions for the exact reason Byrdie stated above, "to add body, texture, and length to their clients' hair."



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