Feb 24, 2021

Did you know we offer 7 different methods of Laced Hair Extensions? We do! With all these options, you are sure to find a method that works perfect for your hair type. Here are the 7 methods and more about them.


Hand Tied Wefts are sewn together by hand, making the weft portion of the hair much thinner than Machine Sewn Wefts. When adhered to the natural hair, Hand Tied Wefts lay flat against your scalp to provide a natural look. They can be sewn-in or braided-in by a licensed cosmetologist.

When choosing between the two different wefts, it’s important to note that Hand Tied Wefts are best for those with fine hair and sensitive scalps. Although Hand Tied wefts require more maintenance, they look the most natural when installed.


With Laced Hair Weft Extensions, the possibilities are endless. Machine Sewn Wefts provide a quick and natural way to get the fullness and length you are looking for. Weft extensions can be applied to your natural hair in several ways including beaded wefts, beaded rows, sewn-in wefts, beaded-sewn-in, and braided-sewn-in. Machine Sewn Wefts are best for immediate fullness added to your hair.


Tape-In Extensions lay flat to the head and are easily applied without the use of tools, beads, clips, or chemicals. Regular tapes are more cost effective than InterLaced. With regular, you get more bang for your buck since regular tape-ins come with 20 pieces per bag and InterLaced comes with 12. Regular is perfect for putting under the nape of the neck and in those middle spots that won’t pop through and show.


InterLaced Tape-In Extensions are one of the most invisible ways to wear Laced Hair Extensions! With hair coming all the way up to the base, Interlaced Tape-Ins can be worn with your hair up or on either side of your part. Interlaced can be mixed with Laced Hair Tape-In Extensions.

InterLaced has hair covering the bond of the tape versus regular tapes do not. This is why InterLaced is perfect for areas in the hair that might poke through or are shown. InterLaced should be used in places where hair on top of the extension would be thinner.


Laced Hair Clip-In Extensions are the highest quality 100% pure human Remy hair. Each clip-in extension adheres to the natural hair with silicone lined "pressure clips". These clips help keep the extensions in place and blend naturally with natural hair.

Laced Hair Clip-In Extensions come ready to wear with the clips in place. Applying a full head of Laced Hair Clip-In Extensions takes just a few minutes to put in and take out! If you are the type of person who wants extensions that aren’t permanent and that you can take off every night, these are for you!


Comparable to other Laced Hair strand-by-strand methods, for both Keratin and I-Tip, stylists match natural hair density to extension strand allowing for the small bonds to be undetectable as the hair falls naturally. Instead of a touch up/move up every 4-6 weeks as it is with wefts and tape-ins, it is 3 to 5 months for Keratin and I-Tip. However, unlike the machine sewn wefts, hand tied wefts and clip-ins, you will have to purchase more than one bag if you are looking to do your whole head.

When applying Keratin Bond Extensions, you must use a Keratin Heat tool to adhere Keratin Bond Extensions to the natural hair. New hair is recommended per application/move-up. In each bag of Laced Keratin extensions, there are 20 pieces.


Instead of using heat to apply like Keratin, I-Tip Extensions are attached with a slip-free Laced bead without the use of heat, glue, or other chemicals. Laced Hair offers both silicone and micro link beads. Another difference from Keratin Bond would be that you can reuse I-Tip extension hair. Each bag of Laced I-Tip Extensions come with 20 pieces.

To shop our different methods, follow this link: https://lacedhair.ca/pages/shop

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