Mar 7, 2021

For the last year & and a half, Lacy Gadegaard-West and Lo Wheeler have been hard at work creating the Beachwashed Collection for you. This collection is for those who share a passion for dimensional hair with both Lacy and Lo. It brings together Lacy’s top of the line, premium hair extensions with the highest quality and beautiful texture and blends with Lo’s signature highlight and lowlight combination. 

One of the main reasons for this collection was to create blends that look organic and natural. Lo + Lacy wanted their clients to receive compliments about their hair color not so much about the hair extensions. They wanted the blends to look so natural, so no one can tell they are extensions.

Another very important reason WHY Beachwashed was born was because, for stylists, it can be quite a big expense to house a private inventory of hair extensions. When having an inventory, variety is important so you can mix and match color blends to make a more natural blend. In the past, Lo had to collect several different Laced Hair Extensions colors to be able to create the beachwashed look she was looking for. She charges premiums for her beachwashed hair because of this.

However, Lacy and Lo created Beachwashed so these combinations could be accessible to all hairstylists. With Beachwashed, you don’t have to purchase many different colors to create a sun kissed blend. All you need is a pack of Beachwashed hair from Lo + Lacy. 

This collection was created to empower indie hairstylists, salon owners, traveling stylists and all other stylists to be able to offer this sort of dimensional hair to their clients for a minimal cost compared to the normal.

The Beachwashed Collection is available exclusively through our U.S., but can be shipped worldwide. Get yours now at:

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