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Halfsies Hand Tied Weft Extensions #8


  • Halfsies Hand Tied Weft
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[bc-columns action="new columns"] [bc-columns action="new column" class="large--one-whole large--one-whole large--one-fifth"] [bc-columns action="end column"] [bc-columns action="new column" class="large--one-whole large--one-whole large--three-quarters"]Perfect for when you are looking to mix and match your colors or only need some filler. Create the perfect custom blend with Laced Hair half packs! Available in Machine Sewn and Hand Tied Wefts. [bc-columns action="end column"] [bc-columns action="end columns"]   [bc-collection action="new collections" class="large--one-half" thumb="530x" template="title below" height="350px"] [bc-collection action="new collection" collection="machine-sewn-halfsies" image-location="custom image" image-url="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0657/2861/files/machine_6276840e-fcea-42b9-a1a7-d9a0c52ab245.jpg?v=1561509410"] [bc-collection action="new collection" collection="hand-tied-halfsies" image-location="custom image" image-url="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0657/2861/files/hand-tied.jpg?v=1561509162"] [bc-collection action="end collections"]