Academy Reviews

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Jesse Rhodes | North Carolina

The class was taught by Lacy Gadegaard and Rachel Butler. These two ladies are some of the most remarkable women I have had the pleasure to meet! Not only are they Extension Queens, they are just the most down to earth and real people I’ve ever met. 

The class was so informative and because it was hands on, it allowed us to have time to practice what they demonstrated, and it allowed them to offer feed back and critiques on our work. Meeting Lacy and Rachel and learning from them was a life changing, educational, and career altering moment in my life. Not only did I learn a better way to help my clients achieve their hair goals and find an amazingly high quality brand of hair, but I regained a passion for my career!

I am so grateful to Lacy and Rachel for taking the time to teach other artists their method of extensions. I’m so impressed that even after the class ended, both have remained in touch and genuinely seem to care how my career is progressing. I hope to take additional classes with these inspirational women again in the future, and I would recommend anyone wanting to learn ANY method of extension installation to check out Laced Hair Extensions. You definitely won’t regret it!!

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