Laced Academy Agreement


This Seminar Agreement is between Laced Inc. and [“Attendee” or “You”].


In consideration of Attendee’s attendance at this Laced Inc. seminar, (LACED ACADEMY) the parties agree as follows:


  1. All materials, whether written, oral, visual, audio, fixed or electronic media, which are presented or used in this Seminar are the copyrighted property of Laced Inc. 


  1. You may not video or record this Seminar without prior written permission of Laced Inc.


  1. All hair colors are the intellectual property of Laced Inc. and are protected by trademark, copyright or other property protection. You acknowledge that you will not copy, either yourself or through another person, the colors or any color that is confusingly similar to Laced Inc.’s protected colors.


  1. The presenter[s] will be teaching You techniques and methods of Laced Inc. on how to do hair extensions. These techniques and methods are legally protected by intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, trade dress, trade secrets and other legal protection methods.


  1. Once You have successfully completed this seminar, You will be eligible to buy hair extensions from Laced Inc. in single or multiple quantities. You agree that the only purpose You will purchase hair extensions from Laced Extensions is for application to Your client’s hair and for no other purpose.


  1. You are licensed to freely use these protected techniques and methods, so long as you don’t compete with Laced Inc. by selling competing hair extensions - including starting your own hair extension business – or by teaching these techniques and methods to others without prior written permission of Laced Inc. and so long as you are a customer of Laced Inc.


  1. You will also get to know the hair Laced Inc. uses for extensions. In consideration of Laced Inc. teaching you these techniques and methods, You agree that You will not reverse engineer any aspect of the hair extension, nor duplicate it nor have it manufactured, nor sell it to others unless You are granted prior written permission by Laced Inc.


  1. With this Seminar comes the opportunity to buy Laced Inc.’s hair to use with your extensions. Laced Inc. welcomes You as a business partner and looks forward to working together with You to market Your business, increase Your volume of sales and become a trusted partner in the hair extension business. We look forward to collaborating with You on new ideas, concepts and products as we get to know each other better.


  1. When You have successfully completed this Seminar, you will be entitled to use Laced Inc. name and logo, subject to Laced Inc.’s name and logo use policies. You agree to abide by those policies for a period of three years after completion of this Seminar.


  1. This Agreement will be in effect for three years from the date of signing.


  1. This Agreement is made under the laws of Utah.